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Are you ready to have a sales page that clearly communicates the value of your offer?

Your offer, whether it’s a program, mastermind, or course, has helped your clients gain incredible results - but the sales page you’ve been using seems outdated.

Realign your sales page to clearly communicate your expertise and the value of your offer - without the logistics and headache to do it yourself.


We believe that an aligned sales page combines both great copy and an intuitive UX design to make the purchasing experience for your clients branded and enjoyable.

I mean, we want to feel good when we spend money, right?

Instead of a DIY or mealpieced sales page, you could have one that is aligned with your brand message, shares all the information about your offer, and is designed with UX in mind so your clients feel good investing in themselves AND in your business.

We’re here for an intentional, well-thought sales page that invites your community to take the next step with your business.


Do you ever feel like your sales page could be clearer?

Like sharing who this program is for and who it’s NOT for, so you don’t end up with misaligned clients

Like answering all the questions potential clients might have before purchasing, so you and your team aren’t fielding FAQs that could have been shared on the sales page

Like taking something intangible and qualitative and being able to clearly express and show results, benefits, and the value you provide

Imagine having an aligned sales page that sells your offer and sounds like you.

Through intuitive and non-manipulative sales copy and design, we can support your launch campaign with an aligned sales page. For us, and some of our clients, that looks like:

Sales copy without shame, manipulation, or FOMO and instead an invitation for folx to work with you

An uncomplicated and seamless sales page design, that isn’t clunky and difficult to manage on the backend

Having a sales page that clearly represents the quality, value, and intention you put into the offer for your clients

Easier sales that are more enjoyable for everyone involved - your clients, your team, and you!


Realign your Salespage

Clearly communicate the value, quality, and intention behind your offer for easier sales and a more enjoyable launch experience.

Realign Your Salespage is a collaborated service from Stargazed Studio, an intuitive UX web design studio, and The Quirky Pineapple Studio, a brand strategy & copywriting agency, to help you clearly communicate, present, and sell your offer - while feeling good and confident!

No sales page templates, because although they’re a great place to start, they won’t fully capture the depth, information, and quality of your offer - and sales pages that you’re not excited to share, won’t sell.

So instead of trying to fit your awesome offer into a template, you’ll get a fully aligned sales page and the confidence (and excitement) to go forth and sell your offers with a sales page that sounds like you and is beautifully designed (and functional) for a seamless buying experience!

By the end of our work together, you’ll have…

Sales copy that converts without using shame, manipulation, and FOMO and instead invites your clients in

A fully functional WordPress sales page design, with UX built in, so the sales experience is enjoyable and branded

Confidence and realignment with your offer, so launching is exciting and fun, not draining and intimidating

“Thanks so much for your support on my launch! I sold out spots in a week! Your targeted email strategy was so helpful. My open rates were averaging at least 50% with a high of 62%! Thanks for all your help in making this launch so easy.”

Nicole Cruz Life Coach For Changemakers
on working with Cassandra and The Quirky Pineapple Studio

person using a Surface device
Here’s what you get after Realign Your Sales Page:

1 WordPress sales page for one offer that is aligned with your brand message and values

Graphic design for one sales page for 1 offer, that is visually branded to match your offer

Up to 2 integrations (ie: checkout cart and email marketing software), so all the tech is set-up for your launch without the hassle to do it yourself

One long sales copy written for one offer, clearly sharing the value you provide without shaming or manipulating them

Investment is...

Pay in Full

$3500 USD

2 Payments

$1750 USD x2

3 Payments

$1167 USD x3

*If you’d like additional add-ons like email sales sequences, social media promotion graphics, social media sales copy, and more - during our Clarity Call, we can discuss what additional support you need for your sales launch!

Meet your realignment sales folx!

Sara Obando
Sara Obando

Sara is the founder of Stargazed Studio, and is a designer specialized in branding, WordPress web design, and user experience that connects people.

Sara is an INFJ, enneagram 2w3, and Slytherin. She was born in Costa Rica, but currently lives in Utah, where you can find her every Friday evening at home, eating pizza and watching SciFi with her husband and doggie.

Cassandra Le

Cassandra is the founder of The Quirky Pineapple Studio, a brand strategy & content marketing studio for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and Feminist-run brands, thought leaders, and organizations. She and her team help you amplify your message, connect with your community, and create inclusive content for brand awareness and conversions.

Cassandra is an ENFP-T, Pisces Sun, Virgo Moon, and Cancer Rising, and a 6/2 Generator. She is originally from Virginia but now lives in Spain. When she's not working behind her laptop, you can find her exploring neighborhood cafes, gallivanting through cobblestoned streets, or on the couch watching movie trailers for movies she'll never watch.

Cassandra Le
This service is for you if…

This isn’t your first launch and you understand the inner workings of what goes into a launch period.

You have client testimonials and results to back up your sales page.

You’re not interested in traditional marketing style, but haven’t seen someone share about a copy and sales page design service yet.

You’re familiar with sales and understand the prep work that goes into a sales strategy.

You believe Black Lives Matter, trans women are women, and feminism should be intersectional.

"Sara is one of the most talented web developers I've come across. She not only understands the technical pieces and can bring you back to reality when your ideas are just going to waste time and money but the design elements that bring it all together. Not to mention, she's fast! This is a very unique skillset to have. I will be recommending her to all of my clients."

Jana Rowland Owner of Active8, Consultant and Entrepreneur
on working with Sara and Stargazed Studio

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